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The Common Reference Designation System Editor (CORE) is the fundamental module for systems breakdown.

It is an interactive tool for engineers that simplifies systems thinking and enables labelling of systems and systems elements by applying the ISO/IEC 81346 standard series.


System Governance

The System Governance module governs how system breakdowns are designed. By utilizing a syntax editor, the reference designations for all systems in the system breakdown are always compliant with both the ISO/IEC 81346 series and company guidelines.

The system Governance module can through a classification editor help companies enrich the ISO/IEC 81346 classification tables with company specific terms.



The Systems Integration Monitor (SIMO) is a module for defining interfaces between systems created in the Common Reference Designation Systems Editor.

The module graphically illustrates interfaces between systems in a N2 diagram, which grants you overview and control, reduce errors and enhance the communication between system owners.